Finishing The Basement And Blog Love

Old Navy Gingham Top

Bitten necklace

The Limited Jeans

Cynthia Vincent For Target wedges

Michael Kors Watch

Home Improvements

Old Navy Shirt, The Limited Jeans (similar), Target Wedges (similar and better), Michael Kors Watch, Forever 21 Bangles (similar), Bitten Necklace (similar)

I’m in my basement, we’re in the middle of finishing it! This weekend, it gets painted. (Oh, speaking of which, our friend is helping us paint and he’s amazing. We had another painter come over and he was looking for a mistake and couldn’t find it, so if you’re in the St. Louis area and need a painter, let me know!) But don’t let this screw gun fool you. I’ve done almost nothing down there. Although I did get up at 6:30 in the morning to help Bob unload 50 sheets of drywall (in 2 packs)!

I totally got talked into this shirt by Jill. All she had to do is post a picture of it on twitter and I ran out and bought it. I almost bought a gray one and a blue one about a year ago, but honestly, the blue one was way too trendy and worn by every other blogger around. Even though I copied off Jill, at least I felt like she was the only other one with this shirt.

Oh how I rationalize things.

I am not sure you can buy it online anymore, so you’ll have to get it in this color in the store. Oh, and just in case you’re wondering what else Jill mentioned that I’ll be buying soon, it’s this. Have to have it! Also bought these because of her. Love them!

What are you doing this weekend?

Hello Again

The Limited Shorts

Anthropologie Purse

Denim Button Up Shirt

American Eagle shirt (similar), The Limited Shorts (similar), Forever 21 Sunglasses (similar), DKNY Watch (similar), Loft bracelet (similar), Jessica Simpson Sandals

I’m back! I’m sorry about last week. I just moved from one thing to the next! So I decided I wasn’t going to stress myself out with this blog of mine. And I’m glad I did. I hate being stressed. I have a natural tendency to be stressed and I’m forcing myself to relax a little. It’s good for me.

How was your weekend? Mine was great. Saturday I was getting stressed about all the things I needed to catch up on from this past week and my hubby helped me get my head on straight and make a plan of action. Honestly, he’s so good for me. He’s so organized! I feel like a hot, scatter-brained mess at least half of the time. I guess that’s why we make such a great pair.



Old Navy Shorts

Target Tank Top
Target Shoes

The Limited Brown Leather Belt

Shop It: Target Tank (similar) and Sandals (similar), Old Navy Shorts, Super-Duper Old belt from The Limited (similar), Boutique Bracelet (similar), Aviators stolen from a girl Bob new in High School (similar)

Last week my little sister Jamey and I babysat our niece Anna who is 7, and our nephew Will who is 4 and took them to the pool. The pool was close, so we decided to walk and Will decided to be the man and carry the bag.

Will: Can someone realize how strong I am?
Jamey, Anna & Me: Oh yeah, wow Will, you are so strong!

And that’s how you get boys to do all the hard stuff you don’t want to do.