A few months ago, I read a book called Paris Street Style: A Guide To Effortless Chic. And IT WAS SO GOOD! I’ve got it around and I pick it up almost daily to read a little tid-bit ¬†from it to inspire me. What I got out of it was this: Do your own thing and enjoy yourself while doing it. Isn’t that refreshing? Then, the other day, I was reading The Neo-Traditionalist (a favorite of mine) I was pointed to an article about the French, which took a whole lot of pressure off me. It basically talked about how ageing is a beautiful process and to embrace it instead of fight it. I don’t know about you, but in our current culture, youth = beauty and that is a difficult thing to live up to because WE ALL GET OLD! And that’s ok. I’m just learning how to deal with the fact that children I used to baby sit are grown ups now. So weird. But now I realize that where I am in life is not only perfectly normal and OK, but it has so many of it’s own advantages! And in 10, 25, 50 years I should feel the same way.

Anyway, all that to say, I’m intrigued by the French culture and how they view style and beauty and I want to pull more of that into my life instead of working so hard to keep up with the Joneses. So when I went out with friends the other night (we were at this cool restaurant/bar on the top of a building overlooking Busch Stadium!), I decided to wear my husband’s t-shirt. I felt like it and I know almost no one else there would be doing it. :) It felt good. I’m not sure I felt completely amazing in it, but I felt proud of myself for doing something different and for seeing my wardrobe a little different. Next up, his jeans. Ha! I’ll let you know how that one goes.

Summer into Fall

Stella and Dot Arm Party

Summer into Fall


Jacket: Old Navy, Shorts: Gap (old, Similar), T-shirt: Bob’s, Shoes: Emerson Fry, Bracelets: Kate Spade/Stella&Dot/The Limited, Necklace: JCrew

Going Out

A few weeks ago I went out with some girls for a night out. My friend Kristi wore the awesomest outfit ever, and I wore this, which though it’s not the awesomest outfit ever, I still loved it. So comfy, but I felt special in it. The only non-special thing about it was when I went to use the restroom and basically realized I was wearing a onesie. Ha! But it was still totally worth it.

Nordstrom Jumpsuit


Printed Jumpsuit

 Jumpsuit: Nordstrom, Jacket: Old Navy