Hello Again

The Limited Shorts

Anthropologie Purse

Denim Button Up Shirt

American Eagle shirt (similar), The Limited Shorts (similar), Forever 21 Sunglasses (similar), DKNY Watch (similar), Loft bracelet (similar), Jessica Simpson Sandals

I’m back! I’m sorry about last week. I just moved from one thing to the next! So I decided I wasn’t going to stress myself out with this blog of mine. And I’m glad I did. I hate being stressed. I have a natural tendency to be stressed and I’m forcing myself to relax a little. It’s good for me.

How was your weekend? Mine was great. Saturday I was getting stressed about all the things I needed to catch up on from this past week and my hubby helped me get my head on straight and make a plan of action. Honestly, he’s so good for me. He’s so organized! I feel like a hot, scatter-brained mess at least half of the time. I guess that’s why we make such a great pair.