I’m A Mess

Gap Jeans


Old Navy Shirt

DKNY Watch

Old Navy T-shirt (similar), Gap Jeans (similar), Target Wedges (similar), DKNY Watch (similar), OPI Mermaids Tears nail polish

Saturday I got to catch up with a friend (Deb) at a baby shower. At the end of the prayer over the food, her phone rang. Of course she was so¬†embarrassed, and we just started talking about how we feel like we’re so messy. Her phone rings during the prayer, I’m sweating like a crazy person and have a zit on my cheek (how did it get there?), and both of us had lost our clothes pins because we had both said the word “cute.” And of course my little sister has her clothes pins and more! (She’s kind of perfect.)

So, next day, Sunday morning just wasn’t working for me. I woke up on my stupid period, I was cold, but it was hot outside, uncomfortable, zits all over my face, bloated, my legs and feet hurt from wearing heels all week, and I just wanted to wear sweatpants and watch a movie, but it was time to go to church. Usually I feel like I have to try to be perfect, but for some reason I just let it all go and just went with it. I wore jean shorts and a sweatshirt to church (not pictured)! ¬†And you know what? It felt good!

Now, I know this is kind of ridiculous, and I don’t ever dress so casual to church, but I will say that I’m so glad that I go to a church where it’s more important to just show up and get what you need than it is to make sure you arrive perfect. I mean the whole reason I go to church in the first place is because I am a mess! It was just a healthy reminder that God doesn’t mind a mess. In fact, he prefers it. Cause then he can work with it.

Don’t worry, I won’t turn this into a sermon. I just realized that I need to cut myself some more slack. I am always trying to be the girl who wins all the clothes pins, and dresses perfectly in every situation, and says the right things, and all that stuff…but it doesn’t work out for me. I always end up putting my foot in my mouth, or being waaaaay under dressed, or the one talking in the group picture. And I just have to remember that it’s OK. No one has it all together (except my sister, Ha ha!) and once in a while, everyone walks around with their fly open. It’s not that big of a deal. And it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you deal with it.

My New Cowboy Boots

Laredo Cowboy Boots

Jenny Present Initial Necklace

Jenny Present Necklace

Dress & Cowboy Boots

Urban Outfitters Dress

Forever 21 Sunglasses

Urban Outfitters dress (similar), H&M Scarf (similar), Forever 21 Sunglasses (similar), Laredo Boots (similar), Necklace c/o Jenny Present

Howdy Y’all! Whatcha think of my new cowboy boots? I’m kind of loving them! I’ve only worn them once, but so far we’re best friends. Although I have a bone to pick with the heel. Who does he think he is being so tall? My friend told me that they’re actually really dressy cowboy boots because of how high the heel is. But…I guess…Well, I didn’t realize there was such a thing as dressy or casual cowboy boots. To me they all fit in one category. Cowboy boots. But now I know that if I ever attend a country wedding where dressy cowboy boots are needed, these would be perfectly appropriate.

So, I got these at a boot warehouse in the middle of Missouri. I didn’t even save the bag so I don’t know the name of it. :( Booo! But, these boots are by the brand Laredo! I love them, but there were a few pair that were more comfortable and just as cute, but these were only $115 (as opposed to $350), so they won the prize.

I don’t know why I can’t stop buying boots. It’s not cold, or even cool here. It’s just turning into an addiction I guess. So far I have bought 2 new pair this summer and I’m hoping to get another pair for this fall and winter. I should be able to stop there, but I can’t make any promises.

What items are you not able to say no to?

White T-Shirt & Jeans

Jeans and White T-shirt

Aldo Glasses

White T-Shirt

Gap Jeans

DKNY Watch

Gap T-shirt

Target Wedges


Gap t-shirt (similar) & jeans, DKNY watch (similar), Aldo fake glasses (similar), Target Wedges (similar)

OK, so this outfit is probably one of my favorites ever! I know, it’s SOOOOOO simple. But that’s what I love about it. It just feels good and looks good without too much effort. I think that’s why it’s so popular and often talked about. Just a great fitting t-shirt and pair of jeans. And there are so many combinations that it’s not even funny. How do you wear jeans and a white tee?