Cyber Monday Jewelry Deals

Jenny Present Little J Necklace

I know you’re all out there shopping online getting great deals for Christmas (or for yourself :) ) so I thought I’d tell you about one more deal going on! Jenny Present¬†Jewelry! I have a couple of her pieces, and still want more! I just added the doggie bone to my wish list. So, act fast and you can get 30% off by “JACKPOT” at check-out!

Oh and you may want to get on this now, because Jenny is so hot right now.

People Magazine - Jenny Present


For Elyse Top

Forever 21 Sunglasses

Aldo Bag

Michael Kors Watch


Shirt c/o For Elyse, Forever 21 Leggings (similar) & Sunglasses, Jenny Present necklace, Michael Kors Watch, Bracelet 1: Gift from Jill via Gilt, 2 :H&M (similar) 3: Pitaya (similar), Aldo Purse

I am not sure what’s gotten into me, but I’m obsessed with wearing leggings lately! All I want to do is wear comfy shirts with leggings! I guess it must be because they feel like pajamas, but they dont’ look like them. They’re really doing it for me right now though. And this shirt was perfect for them. If I had to do this outfit again, I’d wear boots though. It was a chillier day than I was expecting and I think I’m not too fond of short leggings with sandals. What do you think? Are they out?

My New Cowboy Boots

Laredo Cowboy Boots

Jenny Present Initial Necklace

Jenny Present Necklace

Dress & Cowboy Boots

Urban Outfitters Dress

Forever 21 Sunglasses

Urban Outfitters dress (similar), H&M Scarf (similar), Forever 21 Sunglasses (similar), Laredo Boots (similar), Necklace c/o Jenny Present

Howdy Y’all! Whatcha think of my new cowboy boots? I’m kind of loving them! I’ve only worn them once, but so far we’re best friends. Although I have a bone to pick with the heel. Who does he think he is being so tall? My friend told me that they’re actually really dressy cowboy boots because of how high the heel is. But…I guess…Well, I didn’t realize there was such a thing as dressy or casual cowboy boots. To me they all fit in one category. Cowboy boots. But now I know that if I ever attend a country wedding where dressy cowboy boots are needed, these would be perfectly appropriate.

So, I got these at a boot warehouse in the middle of Missouri. I didn’t even save the bag so I don’t know the name of it. :( Booo! But, these boots are by the brand Laredo! I love them, but there were a few pair that were more comfortable and just as cute, but these were only $115 (as opposed to $350), so they won the prize.

I don’t know why I can’t stop buying boots. It’s not cold, or even cool here. It’s just turning into an addiction I guess. So far I have bought 2 new pair this summer and I’m hoping to get another pair for this fall and winter. I should be able to stop there, but I can’t make any promises.

What items are you not able to say no to?