Meet Jenny Present

Guess what I did last Wednesday! I met Jenny Present! It was so much fun. We met at a little boutique (one of many) where she sells some of her jewelry and I got to see more of it in person. She’s really got some serious talent and offers some amazing pieces. I really want some of her earrings. They’re going on my wish list tonight!

My favorite thing I saw was this wonderful display of Mother’s necklaces (see photo #2). I don’t have any kids yet, but it’s making me want them so I can wear one! Ha ha! I’m so tacky, I know.

But this girl has really just taken the bull by the horns and started her own business designing and hand making all her pieces. She loves dainty pieces, which is right up my alley. And today she just gave me this colorful necklace with Bob’s initials ¬†on it. I’m loving it!

So, go check out Jenny’s site and get some stuff. You’ll wear it EVERYDAY! Don’t believe me? Check out how much I’ve already worn the Little J necklace.

Jenny Present and Linda

Jenny Present Mothers Necklace

Silver Oval Earrings

Jenny Present Gold Branch Necklace

Jenny Present Necklaces