The Brandi Boot

Sole Society Brandi Boot

Say hello to the Brandi boot. I’ve been eyeballing these babies for quite a while now, and I think it may be time to finally pull the trigger. What do you think. I’m thinking the tan might be just the color I need.

Happy Monday!!!

The Warmest Boots

Minnetonka Fuzzy Boots

Just ordered these boots and I am so excited to get them and try them out! One of the reviews I read said they’re warmer than Uggs! I’ve been looking for a pair like these, and they’ve been close to $100 or more and I just couldn’t pull the trigger. However, these were under $60! So I chatted with Bob and pulled the trigger. And as you know, I am a terrible online shopper, but that’s the beauty of Amazon. They make it so easy to return things that I just went for it. I’ll let you know how they are. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about them!

Happy Weekend!

On Repeat

Glitter Boots

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These boots have been on my feet almost every day since I bought them. I honestly didn’t know I would enjoy them this much. But they have a heel high enough to give me some lift, but low enough that they’re still comfortable to wear all day. Usually when I buy something that I love, I have to take it off long enough to wash it. But these don’t have to be washed. Therefore, I can wear them all day everyday. Don’t even try to stop me.