My Favorites from the 30/30 Challenge

This is my second time participating in Kendi’s Remix Challenge and I think I may have done worse this time! Bummer, eh? I think it’s because I don’t have as many winter clothes as I do summer and I love to be warm. When I started this blog I knew winter would be a difficult time for me since all I really want to do is wear Uggs and sweats. But I am committed not to do that…or at least not to let you know when I do. ;)

What I learned is that I need some more clothes. Ha ha! That is the opposite point of the challenge. But, I think I can actually sit down and make a list of specific things I could use and luckily the challenge is over and I can shop now! Woohoo! And yes, I already have bought a few new items. What can I say? I found some great deals at Loft!

Here are my favorite outfits from the challenge in no particular order.

American Eagle Jean Shirt

Aldo Boots

BB Dakota Skirt

H&M Jacket

Ugg Slippers

Forever 21 Dress

H&M Turtleneck

I noticed that I really love that gold dress and my jean shirt. And I am still not sick of them yet! That’s quite a statement.

Did you have any favorites of yours? Of mine?

Autumn Leaves

Last night there was an amazing sunset and our back yard is full of beautiful trees that are red and orange, green and yellow. We had to take some pics!

American Eagle Watch

Old Navy Top

I also wanted to finally show you this necklace my friend gave me. It’s pretty much become my go-to necklace and I wear it daily. It’s hand stamped! And they have so many others that are so beautiful. Take a look at all the fun jewelry from Jenny Present!

Jenny Present necklace

Top: Old Navy
Watch: American Eagle