Weekend Warmth

Every year around this time, I start to give up a little bit and have the hardest time getting dressed in something that is warm enough and cute enough to leave the house. I make Bob come in my closet and talk to me for 15 minutes asking for help before he says, “We Have To Go!” And then I selet as many layers as is possible to still move in and throw them all on. These are two outfits that I felt relatively warm in—except my feet. My feet want fuzzy boots exclusively.

How are you all doing with winter? Ready to give up, or do you love it!?

Keeping Warm Over The Weekend1: JCrew Stripe Top, American Eagle Denim Shirt, Gap Ponte Leggings (similar), Old Navy Boots (similar)
2: Talbots Sweater (similar), JCrew Turtleneck, Francesca’s Necklace (similar), Gap Jeans (similar)

Snow Day Essentials

JCrew Sweatpants

Well, there is a blizzard happening in St. Louis as I type. So Bob and I decided to take a half snow day. Technically, we don’t need a snow day, but since we’re still dealing with the aftermath of being gone a month (hence the crazy blog schedule), we need a little bit of chill time, and this is the perfect excuse. So, here are a few of our essentials for the day.

1: Cozy Clothes. Bought these sweatpants (here’s the updated version) in December and have worn them nearly every day since. They’re cute and oh so comfy.

2: Waffle Cookbook. Recently found this gem and will be making these for us today. Can’t wait to try all of them!!!

3: Coffee, Hot Cocoa, Tea. And a great mug!

4: A couple of fun movies.

5: A warm blanket.

Back In Cold Weather

Black and Denim

Michael Kors Jet Set ToteH&M Black Trench (similar) and Turtleneck (similar), Old Navy Denim Jacket, Frye Boots, Michael Kors Tote

well, it’s back to reality for us. i threw this on to go out with a friend last night and i was still cold all night. :) i think i should have worn a heavier coat. but i just hate the heavy layers! do you wear a huge coat, or just decide to freeze?

and yes, this outfit is entirely based on this pin. except i wore boots instead of strappy heels. a light jacket is one thing, exposed toes is entirely another.