Remember That Super Awesome Wedding?

Remember that super awesome wedding I posted about back in May? Well guess what, they have a video!!! So, I asked the bride and she said it was cool if I show it to you. It was made by one of my friends and former co-worker. And he got extra cool points when he married Carol.

Anyway, here’s Kristi and Trevor’s wedding video! Hope you’re inspired by it!

What Do You Wear To A May Wedding?

All Photos taken at the wedding of Kristi Pinkham. See more of her amazing style and how you can hire her for your wedding, home decor, or personal styling by visiting her site and blog!

Wanna know what to wear to a May wedding? Well, here are some examples. :) This is the wedding I attended over the weekend. The weather was beautiful and perfect. The ceremony was extremely moving. Everything was picture perfect. Got some fun photos with friends and lots of me and Bob.

I went with a very springy dress (c/o Shop Ruche) and so did my friend Gertrude (the red-head). My little sis was in the wedding and they got their dresses from Anthropologie. All the shoes were plain and got embellished (and made WAY better) by KM2 Shoes.

Warning: There are a lot of pictures. I hope you enjoy them all. (They were mostly taken by Gertrude who by the way, has a blog now!)

Bridesmaid Shoes at a May Wedding

Custom Bridal Shoes

They actually tied a knot. They tied a fisherman’s knot and it’s the strongest knot. The rope will break before the knot comes undone and the knot only gets tighter with pressure. (Made me cry!)

Tying the Knot

The programs were printed on paper bags holding these guys” target=”_blank”>these guys (see below):

DIY Pom Poms

This is how they entered into the reception!

They had pie instead of cake. Check out the pie topper!

This is me and my little sis Jamey. Isn’t she beautiful!

what do you wear to a may wedding


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