Stores Similar to Anthropologie

November 2, 2010

Are you like me? Do you constantly have the Anthropologie website up on your computer so you can always be checking for new stuff?

Ha ha! I seriously have been on that site 10 times in the past week! Whatever.

But I’ve been wondering if there are any stores similar to Anthropologie. If you know of any good ones, please share them!

I did a little looking around and found a few I thought could sort of compare.

Mod Cloth

Mod Cloth Clothes

Frock Ballad Dress | Tied Together Top

Shop Ruche

Shop Ruche

Cozy Layers (Sweet Rose)

Shabby Apple

Shabby Apple

Madison Dress | Carousel Dress


Tulle Clothes

Peasant Blouse
| Boat Neck Hoodie

What do you think? Don’t these look like things you’d be likely to find at Anthropologie? And a little less expensive too.

Have you found any stores similar to Anthropologie?

  • maria

    ohhh love that floral number in the shop ruche picture!!! heading there now!!! thanks for the heads up!!

  • Bree

    Fossil has some really great pieces. Most people just think of them as a watch brand, but I’m obsessed with their purses and their clothes are adorable and quite affordable.

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  • Styles ‘n Cream

    I love shp Ruche. Thanks for introducing me to this store. I am new to your blog and I love it.



  • districtofchic

    I’m so glad you offered these alternatives! I like Anthro, but it really is totally overpriced for the quality sometimes!

  • InspiredGertie

    love love love!
    especially the one that got posted on the “it list”, Ruche! i’m totally going to be buying some of the fun things on there! thanks for finding these stores to give me creative goodies that dont cost as much as one job for me. ;)

  • megan

    Love this outfit!
    Try Madewell , I just discovered their website.

  • kelsey

    thanks for this post! i also like topshop (

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  • gypsy*green*mama

    Thanks for this list!! I am constantly looking for bargain Anthro pieces! If you find anything similar for the home, I’d love to see it!!

  • Rlarson11

    I get stuff that was sold on Anthro on ebay. It’s WAY cheaper and still from the actual store!

  • Andrea

    I really like francesca’s collections. the website doesn’t do their clothes justice, their stores are really cute if you have one near by!

  • Linda Rose

    Oh yes, I do like them too! They’ve got lots of great stuff!

  • Linda Rose

    Wow! What a great tip!

  • Vsp

    topshop is nothing like anthropologie.

  • Carla

     I LOVE the fashions at Dorothy Perkins ( over Ruche, although I do still like Ruche.  I’ve ordered from Ruche before and the quality isn’t all that great for the price, especially the jewelry.  There are only two problems with DP though.  They’re a UK based business so all returns have to go back to the UK and it is SUPER expensive to do so.  The cheapest way for me to return a recent purchase was via USPS and it cost $68!  UPS would have been $300!  The other thing is I had a real problem with Customer Service.  They never responded to a single inquiry I sent them regarding my received merchandise because most of the items were too big.  I ended up filing a dispute with PayPal just to ensure I had backup for when I returned the goods.  I’m still waiting on the outcome.  I probably won’t order from there again because of the return policy, but if they ever get a US return address location, I would most definitely be a regular shopper.  Ah it’s such a shame.  I finally found a store that suits my style…:(

  • Natalie

    It’s been a while since this original post, but wanted to send my boutique page : search ’31 Roots’ on facebook. We are similar in some styles to Anthro & Francesca’s, with lower price points that Anthro. $5 flat shipping.

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