Stores Similar to Anthropologie

Are you like me? Do you constantly have the Anthropologie website up on your computer so you can always be checking for new stuff?

Ha ha! I seriously have been on that site 10 times in the past week! Whatever.

But I’ve been wondering if there are any stores similar to Anthropologie. If you know of any good ones, please share them!

I did a little looking around and found a few I thought could sort of compare.

Mod Cloth

Mod Cloth Clothes

Frock Ballad Dress | Tied Together Top

Shop Ruche

Shop Ruche

Cozy Layers (Sweet Rose)

Shabby Apple

Shabby Apple

Madison Dress | Carousel Dress


Tulle Clothes

Peasant Blouse
| Boat Neck Hoodie

What do you think? Don’t these look like things you’d be likely to find at Anthropologie? And a little less expensive too.

Have you found any stores similar to Anthropologie?