Yikes, Bikes!

American Eagle Shorts

JCrew Shirt

Target Sandals

DKNY Watch


Get the look: JCrew Shirt (similar), American Eagle Shorts, Target Sandals (similar), DKNY watch (similar), Forever 21 whistle necklace, Monogram necklace c/o Jenny Present

Look! No Hands! I’m not the best bike rider, so no hands is impressive for me. I’m working on getting better. This is how we’ve been spending our time. Riding bikes. We’ve decided to get ourselves in the habit of exercising, so we challenged ourselves to work out everyday for a month. And in return, I get to get some new shoesies! So tomorrow, I’ll be ordering these babies and I can’t wait!

Do you incent yourself to do something good for yourself that you might not normally do? It’s totally working for us!