Rainy Day 21

I don’t know about you, but every time I put on my rain boots it never rains! But today I got lucky! My car battery died while I was at a friends house and I was forced to be outside holding an umbrella for me and her dad while he jumped my car. At that moment, I was so happy I had on my boots!

The Limited Shorts

The Limited Scarf

I told Bob I wanted to click my heels and. Thought it’d be very Singin’ in the Rain of me. But my neighbor was out (in the rain!!!) and I didn’t know what I would tell him other than that I was practicing for a musical. So I only jumped 3 times, but Bob couldn’t quite get it. After he looked at them he said, “Well, you have a bunch of stupid ones you get to try to work with. Ha ha ha ha ha!” Thanks Bob.

Shirt: Target
Shorts & Scarf: The Limited
Rainboots: Roxy
Watch: Francesca’s Collection