Cyber Monday Deals on Designer Shoes

You know it’s Cyber Monday? As in the internet’s Black Friday? Well it is! (Don’t worry, I just learned about it this year too.) So I thought I’d share some good deals I found online with you. But you better hurry! It’s just today!

KM2 Shoes

KM2 has marked down their shoes by 60%! Get a pair fast! I have a pair and LOVE THEM! I would get a pair of these (they’re on $96!). Did I mention they make your legs look freakin’ amazing?

KM2 Cyber Monday Deals

Ugg Shoes/Boots

Don’t know if I’ve made it clear or not, but I love my Uggs! So warm and cozy. The past few years I’ve worn them everyday, but I’m trying to stop that as they are not appropriate for all situations. However, these babies (below) could be used in almost every situation. And they’re on sale! They’ve also got the classic Ugg boots on sale! Woopie! You can find more sales here.

Ugg Broome Boots Cyber Monday Sale

Tretorn Shoes

Remember when I told you about these awesome boots and tennies from Tretorn? Well, they’re now 25% off regular price! Please, Bob, can I have some?

Tretorn Winter Boots Cyber Monday