Best Laid Plans

You know when you make plans and through no fault of your own everything just goes wrong? That’s what’s happening to us this week. We were supposed to leave on Monday, but had some car trouble. Now, we’re just waiting to hear if our car is fixed. We are trying our best to keep good attitudes, but I’m not looking forward to seeing 6-8 inches of snow instead of 70 degree weather.

We’ve both gotten worked up a few times, but soon realize there’s no use. It’s out of our hands. So, I’m going to list off some things that I’m grateful for instead of complaining.

  1. I’m happy I even have the chance to go on a vacation at all.
  2. I’m happy I got to spend the past 2 days with my favorite person on the earth even though it’s not at the beach.
  3. I’m happy that I got to wear a shirt my sister gave me the other day (a late Christmas present) before we leave.
  4. I’m happy we got to spend a fun day that included shopping at Crate & Barrel.
  5. I’m happy Bob just got a call from the mechanic to say our car is fixed.
  6. I’m happy that I’m alive and living in the land of the free and home of the brave.

I’ve got a good life.

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