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Do you ever have food that you like sometimes, but other times just kind of grosses you out? Chicken is like this for me. I would say I like chicken, but every once in a while I get a piece that I just can’t finish. I like my chicken real thin and if there’s even a hit of funny business (like a piece of fat that I didn’t see) going on, I’m out. For Bob, it’s eggs.

Well, last night my sister Jamey and her husband Tristan were over. Tristan told me that he’s like this with Tuna fish. I can see that. In fact, I’ve probably been grossed out by tuna before.

Well, I deal with being grossed out by stopping eating whatever it is and give it to Bob. :) Husbands are good for that. But Tristan told me he just eats it faster. Spoken like a true boy.

This made me laugh out loud. He’d rather force it down than stop eating. And I have been quoted with saying, “I don’t even want to swallow what’s in my mouth.”

Which do you do?

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