Sporty Spice

American Eagle Jean Shorts

Charlotte Russe Hat

Target Belt

DKNY Watch

White T-shirt

Nike Free Run 2

Nike Shoes

Charlotte Russe hat (similar), Target T-shirt (similar) and Belt (similar), Nike Free Run+2 Shoes, DKNY Watch (similar), Friendship bracelets from Rosa

Yesterday I wore some heels that made my foot hurt in a weird way. So this morning I decided I was gonna keep on my tennies. And I did! And I liked it. A LOT! (Quote from the Sandlot…anyone?) I mean all I had to do today was run to my mom’s house to color her hair and work.

Then as I was getting dressed I started thinking about how sad it was that Sporty Spice only got to wear work out clothes! I mean, they were cute, but I would hate it if that’s all I ever got to wear! ¬†Although that is probably what kept her from being the worst dressed Spice Girl. Why, Scary, Why? And of course, Posh even looked amazing back then. Not Fair.

Spice Girls