New Bag

While I was in NY, I realized my need for a small cross body bag (after I got a migraine with my big bag weighing me down). So, luckly, I found one and I’m loving it! It’s small, it’s cute, and it has room to carry all my necessities…and gum. :) And it’s only $35!

Aldo Cross Body Bag

Isn’t it great!? I got this one from Aldo. They also make something similar in blue and cognac!


New Shoes

Orange Blouse

Anthropologie Skirt

Emerson Fry Shoes

Emerson Fry Shoes

Similar Top, Similar Skirt, Shoes (and here’s a cheaper pair)

I finally splurged and got a few pieces (also got these tops and sent one to a friend) from Emerson Fry! After stalking that site for about 2 years, I finally bit the bullet. I’ve never spent that much money on clothes, and if it hadn’t been as bad of a day as it was, I still probably wouldn’t have bought them. But sometimes extreme measures must be taken. :) Also, sometimes it’s ok to spend a little money on quality pieces. That’s the real story I’m stickin’ to.

These shoes are seriously so comfortable. I am a bit shocked. I am now convinced that I only want Emerson’s shoes from here on out. Not sure if that’ll happen, but a girl can dream.

On a separate note, I’m in New York this week! Woohoo! Let me know if you’ve got any tips for me of places we should go!