It’s Warm Out (Outfit 16)

Yesterday was so warm out! I could hardly believe it. Then, it rained and got cold. This is yet another time when I’m so happy I added these shorts into my 30/30 mix. But I had no idea it would happen. The real reason I put them in is because Michael Kors tweeted that he’d loved how so many girls were wearing jean shorts and boots with bare legs and so I decided to listen to him. And it’s making me happy!

The other thing that is making me happy is updating my wishlist on Amazon! Do you have a wishlist with them? You’re probably already up on this, but it’s so handy. You can put anything on there from any online store and it keeps it updated if people go through your list to buy. I just put 20 items up from Anthropologie! I find new stuff I want everyday!

What do you want for Christmas? (Wait, maybe we should save this question for after Thanksgiving?)

Aldo Boots

American Eagle Watch

The Limited Necklace

American Eagle Shorts

DIY Shorts & Watch: American Eagle
Shirt: Local Boutique
Necklace: The Limited
Boots: Aldo