Jenny Present Necklace

Target Tank

Target Glasses

American Eagle Jeans

Get the look: Target shirt (similar), H&M sweater (similar), Target glasses (similar), Jenny Present necklace, American Eagle jeans (similar), Toms shoes (similar)

I totally got inspired by Tanvi today. You know, the girl who did that awesome post for me yesterday? Well, I was reading her blog and she was talking about things she should do before she turned 30. So, I decided to start my own list. I was going to tell it to you today, but then I decided it was too much pressure to come up with on the spot here at Starbucks (yes, I’m writing at Starbucks today). So, I thought I’d ask you gals what I should do before I’m 30. Then I’ll compile a list of what you tell me to do and some things I’d like to do and then check them off.

I’ve only got 6 months to accomplish my goal, so don’t go crazy folks. But, help me out peeps! Do I need to get one of these, or a pair of these? OK, those are a bit lavish, but what do I need to do before I’m 30?