One Jacket Five Ways

The following is written by Tanvi. She’s an amazing girl I met at the Texas Style Council Conference a few weeks ago and she’s been on my mind ever since. She’s from India and is super smart, beautiful, and well cultured. A killer combination. So go visit her and say hello!

Most of us fall in to the rut of wearing our clothes the same way, each time. Anyone who has a limited options in the wardrobe and is also on a budget would know what a brim situation it is to be in. The best way I have found to add variations to my outfits is via cardigans and light jackets. And Spring is the best time to try that!

Adding a Jacket could help you:

  • Add color to your outfit
  • Color block your outfit
  • Get more use out of other pieces in your wardrobe
  • Make it a little formal or casual as needed

1. Wearing the Jacket with a Jump Suit

Besides wearing the jumpsuit on its own the other way to wear it would be with a Jacket (or scarf, accessories, etc. but let’s leave that for another post!).

2. Wearing the Jacket with Sweat Pants

Most people would not be seen dead with sweat pants in public but if worn correctly and with right layers they can be the most comfortable piece of clothing. Again, I paired them with a jacket to give it a more smart casual look.

3. Wearing the Jacket with a Dress

This dress on its own is quite overwhelming and only appropriate for an evening out however adding a contrasting Jacket made is absolutely wearable for an Afternoon Lunch.

4. Wearing the Jacket with a Skirt

This is like putting to versatile pieces of clothing together. A longer jacket you cover up the skirt, which we do not want hence this one is perfect to play up the drama of the skirt.

5. Wearing the Jacket with Jodhpur Pants

Contrary to what I did with the dress, I wanted to make this outfit wearable for an evening out. A top or a blouse was just not working out the way the Jacket did. Hence, win-win.

I hope I was able to show you few interesting ways to wear a Jacket for different occasions. I would like to Thank Linda for having me over at Rose a la mode. I really enjoyed doing this.