Festive Attire

December 28, 2012

Flannel Shirt

Multi Strand Pearl Necklace

Dress, Shirt, Turtleneck, Necklace, Boots

 Before Christmas, I have all these fun and festive outfit ideas. Then, Christmas hits and I start to get lazy and end up in yoga pants and Uggs. I hate to be cold and I think winter clothes are uncomfortable, so I just give up. Then, I read through amazing blogs, or watch a fun movie where everyone is dressed so cute and I snap out of it and give it a try again. And to help myself even more, I am making note that I was actually hot in this outfit—which is unusual for me. Do you do this? Get lazy? I need help on keeping the winter blues away!

  • Kerry

    You have it so right! I have a pinterest board full of outfit ideas for work and play… but all I really want to wear is leggings, big sweaters and Uggs!

  • Christina Steward

    This has also been the norm for me in the past. Winter=lazy, cozy clothes, but thankfully I’ve been practicing and have gotten out of that habit this year! I’m doing a series on boots on my blog starting Jan 1st where I’ll share 5 different types of boots and how to wear them. I’d love to have you stop by! :) PS- tied button ups over skirts have been one of my favorites to wear this winter. I love the look on you!!

  • http://www.everydaypresent.com/ Kara M

    Amen! I spend the winter months dreaming of sundresses and skirts w/ tank tops!

  • Anonymous

    This is fabulous!!! I love the dressed up plaid with the Hunters!

  • http://www.rubygirlblog.com/ Ruby Girl

    totally understand! haha but goodness you look super cute in this look!

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