Cardinals Game

Last week we got invited to a Cardinals game by Bob’s sister and her boyfriend. Why yes I will go to the game with you. And yes I will put on my bright red lipstick.

I always love going to the game because it’s such an all-American thing to do. Grab a lemonade, some nachos and enjoy the night. Lucky for us, it cooled off that day and we got to sit in 80 degree temps. Fabulous!


What To Wear To a Baseball Game

Happy Fourth of July!

Bought this romper when it was still cold outside, and I’m so glad I did! It just screams “Happy Fourth of July!” I knew it then and I knew I had to wear it to celebrate.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this. I buy items based on which holiday I can wear them on. So cheezy, but it makes my lifeĀ happier.

Anyway, have a great day at your family BBQ or viewing fireworks while on vacation, or whatever you happen to be doing today.


Loft Romper

photo 3Loft Romper, JCrew Necklace