Work It Wednesday: White T-shirt & Jeans

August 24, 2011

I’m so excited to be linking up with my Blogger Buddy Jill for Work It Wednesday! This is just a little helpful tool that will show you one item(s) re-worked a few different ways for your shopping and styling pleasure. Today, I got inspired to use a white t-shirt and jeans. Wardrobe staples that everyone has in their closet. And because of that, it’s so effortlessly chic—no need to over accessorize. So, here are a few ways to wear it:

Start with an American Apparel white v-neck tee

Jeans & White TeeWear it with skinny jeans rolled up and a pair of sperrys, a belt, and a bag .

How To Wear Jeans & White Tee

Wear it with boot cut jeans, a great pair of cowboy boots, and a scarf .

What To Wear With Jeans & White Tee

Wear it with really dark jeanssome serious heels, and a cool hat!

See how I wore it later today!


  • JillGG

    Yay! I love this!  Thanks so much for joining in on the fun and linking up!  I love a simple t-shirt and jeans look… you rocked it!

  • Louise, Raspberries In Winter

    Love the cowboy boots, I’ve always wanted a pair.

  • Tanvi

    Love the first look!
    ♡ from ©

  • Sydney

    love the looks! I am a fan of the cowboy boots especially :)

  • Jackie

    I think I have worn some version of a white tee and jeans at least once a week this summer! Very versatile indeed.  Love that first look-been dying over those gold Sperry’s for awhile.

  • b.a.

    you just can’t beat a great white tee!


    I’m pretty crazy about look #1.  The bag paired with the metallic topsiders is a bit of genius.  Nice!

  • Linda Rose

    Genius? Wow! Thanks. I’m gonna start telling people that now. :)

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