Weekend Wedding

We had a wedding this past weekend. It was beautiful. The reception was on the Hill in St. Louis. The Hill is like a little taste of Italy. It’s basically a little town with a million authentic Italian restaurants, from gourmet to home cooked style. It’s amazing. The wedding had some serious garlic bread that’s making me want to make some of my own.

Anyway, some good things happened to me this weekend.

  1. Someone told my father-in-law that I looked like Jennifer Aniston!
    OK, so I know I really don’t look like her at all. But the fact that someone would even compare me to her is absolutely amazing! Ha!
  2. While walking around on The Hill, I got whistled at! Can you imagine! That has never happened to me. And Bob was standing right there! Craziness!
  3. I got to slow dance with Bob. Hubba hubba!
  4. Even in 5 inch heels, Bob is still taller than me.
  5. I had 2 of my favorite cocktail, the Shirley Temple. Yes, it’s non-alcoholic. What can I say!
  6. Got 2 free meals!

So, how was your weekend?

H&M Suspenders

Target Dress

H&M Shirt

KM2 Shoes

And by the way, Bob dresses himself. Doesn’t he have great style!

On Bob:
Shirt & Suspenders: H&M (suspenders look alike)
Pants: Gap
Tie: Calvin Klein (look alike)

On Me:
Dress: Target (better!)
Shoes: KM2 Shoes
Purse: Banana Republic