The (second) Day It Poured In Texas

So I basically froze my tookis off in Texas on Saturday. Seriously, I wished I had gloves. But, fortunately, I had these boots to keep me warm. And after I begged Jill to stop at Target with me, we had umbrellies too, so we were able to stay fairly dry. But after that Texas humidity did a number on my hair, I was thanking my lucky stars that I had packed this hat to cover it all up (and keep me extra warm). Sheesh! That’s what it was all about – keeping warm and dry. Andy while I wouldn’t consider this my best look, I certainly preferred it to getting soaking wet and being cold to the bone.

Rainy Day Plan

Nordstrom Scarf (similar), H&M raincoat (similar), Hunter Wellies

And here are just a few more fun photos from hanging out in the rain:

singing in the rain