The Same

March 13, 2013

Lately I have been wearing the same pieces over and over. For instance, in yesterday’s post, I wore these pants and boots. And then on Sunday, I had on the same minty top (evidence is on Instagram) two days in a row. Don’t worry. I do clean my clothes. It almost makes me want to do another 30 for 30, though every time I even think that, I immediately back track.

Are you like this? Do you tend to wear something over and over and then move on to your next favorite item?

Minty Top

White Skinny Jeans

Gold Glitter Boots

Tops: JCrew (similar mint & chambray), American Eagle Jeans, Wanted Boots, Michael Kors bag

  • Every New Day

    I’ve been doing this lately too! My latest love is my boot and belt combo that I just can’t get enough of. When you find something you like, it just sticks!

  • Rachel @ Tribe of Two

    I do this all the time! I find a piece I love and call it my uniform. Stick with what works, right? -Rachel

  • Erin Losey

    I am so nervous I will look out of place wearing white pants in the winter.. you make it look so good!

  • Linda Rose

    nervous! no way! you can do it! it’s so fun!

  • Jackie

    This look is adorable-I can see why you want to repeat it! I do the same thing, if I find something I like I wear it out! I do the same with songs-ha!

  • Linda Rose

    oh good night, with songs! me too! i may have killed the civil wars albums in my house. ha! love them too much!

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