The Perfect White Jeans

January 30, 2013

Well, I finally settled on the perfect pair of white jeans. I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath . . . Ha!

Anyway, as you know, I bought a pair of the Matchstick jeans from JCrew and asked you all for some help and boy did you help! Your advice was if I wanted to wear them with boots, I should go a size smaller. So I went back and tried on a size smaller. What I finally decided is that they were still a little too wide at the ankle for wearing inside boots. They are for sure more of a straight leg than a skinny jean. So while I really loved them, I just decided they weren’t the right purchase for me right now.

So after looking high and low, I finally found this pair at American Eagle. And while the quality is not as great as the JCrew pair, I can comfortably tuck them into boots or wear them with heels.

Perfect White Jeans

American Eagle White Denim

White Skinny Jeans

Monogram NecklaceAmerican Eagle White Jeans, JCrew Factory Sweater, American Apparel T, Target Necklace (similar), Monogram Necklace, Coach Purse, Michael Kors Watch (similar), Kate Spade Bracelet (purchased on Giltsimilar), Emerson Fry Shoes (similar)

  • JillGG

    super cute! I am obsessed with white jeans lately (or always have been) they just go with everything, don’t they? This is a super cute look lady!

  • Gertrude Bell

    i love everything about this outfit you cutie cute cutie!!!!

  • kelsey williams

    I’ve looked at these online before and wondered if they were see-through at all. Did you have any issues like that?

  • Hannah

    I love this – white jeans are totally the center of my weight loss goals, haha! You look amazing in them x

  • Linda Rose

    that’s awesome! they really are so great and versatile. i think i’m obsessed!

  • Linda Rose

    not at all. i am still a bit sensitive with them and will wear fairly neutral under things with them, but i haven’t noticed a problem.

  • Linda Rose

    you make me smile! :X

  • Linda Rose

    thanks jill! yeah, you’ve certainly gotten me on the bandwagon of white jeans. i’ve always loved them, but when you posted your instagram of red, white, and plaid, i decided i had to have some! ha!

  • Every New Day

    I’ve had such a hard time finding white skinnies in a brand i like. Thanks for sharing these. I’ll have to try them! You’re outfit is perfect. Love the pops of blue and pink!

  • Kara M

    Hoping for a pair of white jeans soon!

  • Linda Rose

    that is so awesome! i can’t wait to see if you like it. i bet you will.

  • Jackie

    You look so adorable in this! The colors are so fun together. The shoes & bag are killer!

  • Anonymous

    Love this whole look! I would never have thought of the pink shoes and bag with that gorgeous cardi but it looks amazing!

  • Nina Piccini

    Love this look!!! The pop of cobalt is perfect and i love how your shoes tie into your handbag

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