A Little Help Please . . . JCrew Matchstick Jeans

JCrew Matchstick PantsJeans, Top

Ladies! I need a little help. If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen this photo. Earlier this week, I went to JCrew (the factory store) and got these cute white Matchstick Jeans. Bob thought they were great and I’ve been wanting white jeans for a while now, so I pulled the trigger. Then, I came home. And started thinking. (A dangerous┬ápastime, I know.) And I started wondering about the bunching around the knees. You see, these are skinny jeans, not jeggings. And I wondered if after 5 minutes of wearing them if I would be annoyed that they’re always bunching.

This is where you come in. Do you have these jeans? I just need a little help with them. Can you tell me if you have any of the problems I’m describing or if I’m just being silly? I already feel like I won’t be able to tuck them into boots. Is this true?


PS: I am also open to opinions from those of you who do not have these jeans. Let me have it!