Playing Catch-up

Today is filled of things like renewing my license and returning curtains that I don’t want, so I don’t have much for you. But I just had to pop in and brag on my hubby and how sweet and amazing he is. He not only planned my birthday for 6 months, hung out with me and my 2 girlfriends for 2 days and actually enjoyed himself, took me out to dinner at a place I’ve been dreaming about for over a year… that wasn’t enough. He saved his pennies and bought me these:

Frye Jane Leather Boots Redwood

He knew how bad I wanted them and he does everything I can to make my life the best it can be and I’m seriously blown away at his thoughtfulness, generosity, kindness, and love.

And last night, as I was having a melt-down, he did everything he could to make it all better. I am such a lucky girl!