One Piece Swimsuit

Sleek One Piece Swimsuit JCrew  |  Old Navy

I know. Swim suit shopping. It’s. The. Worst. But I actually think wearing a swimsuit in public is much worse. I’ve grown up as a fairly modest gal and it took a while for me to get used to bikinis. And while I do wear them now, there are several occasions when I wish I had a cute one piece to make me feel a little more relaxed being half naked in front of kids I’m babysitting or my dad. Know what I mean?

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I found this adorable suit on the JCrew website and fell in love with it. But at $118, I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Then, yesterday, while I was searching for the perfect pair of white jeans (a follow up to this post will come next week) I happened upon this suit. And it was only $10 (in store). I tried it on and settled on one size larger than normal and it’s perfect. I even tried it on for my man, who can be a bit picky about these things, and he thought it was cute too! Success.

Just thought I’d let you know. In case you’re in need. Or just want. ;)

PS: Also found this look alike from this JCrew Suit. I tried it on in two sizes, and may have gone two sizes up from normal. It’s a little tight getting it over my bodacious curves. Ha!