My Closet

Tiffany Necklace

American Eagle Jeans

Target Sweater

Old Navy Shirt

Target Belt

My closet is an absolute mess right now. See those ear muffs? They were a gift from Gertie and they were just hanging out on the ground until I realized my dog though they might be a chew toy. Bella’s bad behavior forced me to at least put those away. But there are so many treasures just sitting on the floor! Including a pair of winning lottery tickets (also a Christmas gift). OK, so we only won $35, but that is still winning, right? :)

So, my goal is to someday soon have the energy to clean it up properly. But I’d just rather spend my time doing other things, like seeing my friends new home, and eating chocolate, and cleaning the lint out of my pockets. Ok, obviously that last one gave you an indication of how much I’m procrastinating.

I am not lazy! I am not lazy! I am not lazy!