Michael Kors Interview

I just got the new InStyle magazine in the mail yesterday and while looking through it I noticed a feature on Michael Kors. I decided a long time ago that if and when I ever have the money to exclusively wear designer clothes, his store would be the first place I go. I envision sort of an Audrey Hepburn/Givenchy thing. :) So naturally, I read the article. In it I found some really great advice. The interviewer and Mr. Kors are talking about how it’s a tricky thing for a woman to dress chic (to impress friends), but how that’s not always when men find sexy. So they ask him to do to both. Here’s his reply:

…chic isn’t really about buying the right pieces but about creating the fantasy of looking like you didn’t need any help. And also that you did it in 10 minutes! You should look natural, so no one is quite sure how you did it.

The next question was, “What’s the trick to that?”

Put it together perfectly but then make sure one things is off. It’s the yin and yang of fashion. If you love something that’s real frilly, wear it with something masculine. If the suit is mannish, dress it up with something sensual.

Aren’t you just so intrigued by his answer? I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet for me, but I’m going to be working on this. Don’t you wonder how some people do it and they look like everything they’re wearing is something they just threw on? I think figuring this out may be my next wardrobe goal.

DKNY Watch

Steve Madden Boots

AAApple Jacket

Banana Republic pants

H&M Sweater

Sweater dress: H&M
Cords: Banana Republic (super old!)
Jacket: AAApple from Charm Boutique
Watch: DKNY
Boots: Steve Madden