Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day is probably my favorite holiday. But this year, I’m totally neglecting it. The only person getting a present today is Bella. She needs a new crate. She outgrew her puppy one. I may talk Bob into looking at new rings for him. He lost his a few months back and we haven’t replaced it yet. That does sound like a fun evening.

Wanna know why I like V-day? Because my mom always spoiled me with gifts! She was always my Valentine. She even got us chocolate covered strawberries this year. Isn’t she sweet!

Then, 6 years ago, I had my first real valentine: Bob. And do you know what? He proposed Valentine’s weekend! And that made me love it even more! My first Valentine’s day with a boyfriend and I get engaged. What a great holiday!

Do you love it too?

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