Happy Thanksgiving Back (Outfit 18)

Remember in You’ve Got Mail when Kathleen Kelly gets stuck in the wrong line at the grocery store and Joe Fox comes to her rescue and makes Rose, the cashier, smile? Then she says “Hoppy Thanksgibing Bock” with her accent? So funny. So this is how I greet all my family. And you,¬†apparently.

How is your Thanksgiving? Did you stuff yourself to the max? Well I wore clothing that stretches so I won’t have to unzip my pants at my in-law’s house. They might have seen my stomach pouch tho since this dress is form fitting. Guess I didn’t think this through all the way. But at least I’m comfy!

A friend of mine bought me this dress a few years back and it’s served me well ever since. It’s very much a holiday dress. I’ve worn it for lots of holiday parties. It’s nice because it’s pretty light weight so it’s good if it gets hot inside, but you can also layer it so well. I’ll totally be wearing this several more times before the year is up. I just love it!

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