Happy Friday!

Gap Shirt

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Target Belt
Jenny Present Multi-colored Necklace Shop: Gap Shirt (similar), American Eagle Shorts, Target Belt, Old Navy Shoes (similar), DKNY Watch, Forever 21 Whistle Necklace, Short Necklace c/o Jenny Present

As you know, I’ve seen Crazy, Stupid Love twice now and would totally go see it again. LOVED IT! Anyway, when Bob and I saw it, we both talked about how we wish we had fancier places to go so we could dress better. I mean, how much fun would it be to wear a cocktail dress every night! Part of me thinks it would be a blast, and the other part of me thinks that after about a week of that, I’d want to lay on the couch in my PJ’s for the rest of my life.

But I see some of my friends, like Jentine, and wonder, where do you go all dressed up like that? If I dressed like that everyday, I’d be lucky if the grocery store even saw me. And then I would feel like I wasted a cute outfit on sitting at my kitchen table working and then playing on the floor with my dog.  Is my life that boring?

So we’ve decided when we go to Chicago this fall, we’re going to bring some fancy clothes and act like we’re in a movie. That’s where you find all the best clothes anyway.