Half & Half

Half & Half


Sippin' Coffee

Taylor Kenney Earrings

Crazy Eyes

Water Bottle

Last week, Gertrude and I finally got some time to catch up on each others lives (we’ve been busy, yo!) and had breakfast at Half & Half (Isn’t it so cute!?! Those cups? And they serve water a old wine bottles! So European of them.), one of our faves. Thank goodness for girl time! I needed it so much. A couple weeks ago, I even went back and watched the Thursday Latelies where Gert was a guest. Ha ha! That’s how desperate I was! Ahh, so refreshing.

You know those¬†cheesy¬†forwards that we’ve all gotten several times about girlfriends and how we need them and stuff. Well, I won’t quote the forward, but I will just agree with it.

PS: These earrings were a gift from Taylor Kenney!