Fool Everyone (Outfits 21 & 22)

So I decided to add this item to my 30/30. I only had 28, remember? And I have found multiple uses for it. It is the item that will fool everyone . . . it even fools me! It looks all pulled together and nice, but really I put it on when I don’t feel like wearing something nice. It’s like a robe or blanket with the elegance of a pretty sweater. So here it is. It’s on sale at Anthropologie! Go get it! You won’t regret it.

Outfit 1: I-want-to-wear-a-sweatshirt-but-I-have-to-work-outfit.

Best Jeggings

Anthropologie Scarf

Outfit 2: It’s-not-ok-to-wear-pj’s-to-church-so-I’ll-wear-this-cozy-sweater-instead-outfit.

Anthropologie Sweater

H&M Scarf

Forever 21 Dress

Forever 21 Belt