Florida And Friends

January 17, 2013

Pink Coach Purse

Saltwater Sandals

Emerson Fry T, Gap Leggings, Coach Bag, Saltwater Sandals, Sunglasses, Michael Kors Watch(similar)

We’re in Florida!!! The weather is everything I dreamed it would be. Yesterday I even had shorts on!

Anyway, on our way down, we stopped at some friends house. You know the kind of friends who bring out things in yourself that you didn’t know were there? Those kinds of friends. They were so accommodating and sweet and made me want to move to Ashveille, NC! So cheers to Matt and Betsy. Thanks for all your hospitality. Hope to see you on our way back!

And yes, I’m going to paint my toe nails. Thanks for the reminder.

  • http://goodlifeforless.blogspot.com JillGG

    You look so cute! I want to grab one of those oranges right out of the picture! So glad the weather is treating you well!

  • Matt Jabs

    The feeling is most mutual!

  • Betsy Jabs

    You’re so sweet! We know you won’t move here, but it’s fun to think about anyway. :) LOVE the pink sandals, and I’m so glad the weather is perfect for you. It’s STILL raining here. Blah!

  • http://rosealamode.com Linda Rose

    really? still? bummer! it just got really cloudy here and a little chilly. let’s just say we went on a bike ride during the weather change and my hair turned disastrous! ;)

  • http://rosealamode.com Linda Rose

    yes! we got some and they are so juicy!
    but the weather is awesome. so warm!

  • Mary

    Hi Linda – my husband and I are about to head to FL for some work and are looking for an excuse to stay for a week or so, how did you find a place to stay? Love the pink sandals :-)

  • http://rosealamode.com Linda Rose

    that’s so fun! where are you headed to?
    my husband does all the shopping and it usually takes him a few weeks to find the perfect thing for the perfect price, but he usually looks at craigslist and homeaway.com.
    hope that helps! have a great trip!

  • Kerry

    Hi Linda! This post did it, I broke down and purchased the Coach Legacy Duffle in this lovely fuchsia color. It looks SO good with navy! It was hard not to purchase the matching wallet… but that’s been added to my wishlist. I hope you’re enjoying FL!

  • http://rosealamode.com Linda Rose

    really!?! that’s so fun! you’re gonna love it. did you pick it up at the store, or did you order it?

  • Kerry

    It’s going to arrive today! I ordered it online after going to the store and chickening out… I can’t wait. I even wore a pink scarf to work today so that I can use it as soon as it arrives! Thanks for influencing my purchase!

  • http://rosealamode.com Linda Rose

    ha ha! that is so awesome and totally something i would do. enjoy! you’re gonna love it!

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