Day 25 Girls Lunch

So, I know I totally wore this tank yesterday, but here’s the thing. I was actually cleaning almost all day yesterday and so I had on grubby clothes. So technically I only had it on for an hour or so before my PJs. So it really didn’t even count. Besides, it goes so well with these shoes and when I click my heels together three times. . .

Gap Tank

How do you like my rose today? I went to lunch with a fabulous friend today. She just got back from a trip and brought me this as a gift! Isn’t she sweet!? I put it on and love how it looks like part of the necklace, but it’s better because it attaches to my shirt! No awkward necklace sagging here!

JCrew Rose Pin

Madden Girl Shoes

Tank: Gap
Jeans: Jimmyz
Necklace: F21
Rose: JCrew
Shoes: Madden Girl