Day 23 Walking the Dog

Oh my gosh, did you guys see the Bachelorette last night? Crazy! Think Chris will be the next Bachelor? Who else could it be? After Ali told Chris she was in love with Roberto we signed up a friend to be on the next Bachelor. What we didn’t realize is that they’re casting for the Bachelor of 2013! Seriously? Who would want to wait that long!? Ha! What if that show is lame by then?

What do you think of Ali and Roberto?

Jimmyz Jeans

Gap Shirt

Francesca's Collection Watch

Forever 21 belt

Also, I promise to not become that person who only puts up pictures of their dog. So if I put up too many, just virtually slap me. These are only here because I now have a puppy and can’t leave her alone or she will chew up my kitchen chairs (already yelled at her about that).

Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Jimmyz
Watch Francesca’s Collection
Sandals: Banana Republic
Belt: F21