Day 16 Working From Home

Most days we just lay around the castle . . .

Ok, it’s not a castle. Just our first home. But sometimes I go nowhere all day! Today I was going stir crazy and wanted to go somewhere, so I picked up my mom and we drove to the humane society. I want a dog so bad! But I’m kind of picky about what I want, so I’m not sure when I’ll get it. Ah well.

This belt I bought for Bob, but it was too small on him, so I kept it for myself. I like the rugged look. My friend Tracy gets a lot of her accessories from the men’s side of H&M! Have you looked at their accessories? They’re very¬†feminine¬†actually. Takes a special guy to pull off some of those looks!

Top: Banana Republic
Jeans: Calvin Klein
Belt: Gap
Shoes: Jessica Simpson