I should have packed way more winter clothes than I did. I have a bunch of tank tops just begging to be worn, but instead I have to wear sweaters and jackets—together! But that’s ok. I can’t complain seeing as I left 10 inches of snow. So instead of laying on the beach, we went to the Edison/Ford Winter Estates. It was insightful and pretty cool. My favorite part was all the GIANT trees on the property. I havne’t seen the California Redwoods yet, so I can safely say these are the biggest trees I’ve seen. There may be a few like them in the Missouri Botanical Gardens (one of my favorite places), but not as many and in such amazing clusters.

And I found my new favorite quote:

There’s a way to do it…find it. -Thomas Edison

Edison Ford Tree

Gap Jacket

Edisons River

Anthropologie Sweater