Bullet Points

Anthropologie Pants

Forever 21 Scarf

Me and Bob

Anthropologie Pants (similar), H&M Top (similar), Forever 21 Scarf (similar)

There are too many things going on, so I thought I’d just bullet point them:

  • It’s my sister-in-laws birthday! Happy Birthday Lauren! We love you!
  • Today we’re going shopping for her birthday. Yippee!
  • These pants used to not fit, but now they do. I think my butt has grown. The first part makes me happy, the second part makes me sad.
  • Bob’s grandpa died. :( He battled a long time with cancer, and it’s so good that he doesn’t have to suffer anymore. But, he was sooooooo sweet and we’re all going to miss him so much.
  • I’m so glad I have such a flexible schedule so I can be with Bob’s family right now.
  • This weekend at church, the speaker said something really powerful and then followed it up with “That’s for your twitter.” And then I tweeted it. :)
  • Bob played guitar and sang. Hence the earphones. He’s such a stud.