After Breakfast

Old Navy Coat

Taylor Kenney Earrings

Glitter Boots

DIY Glitter Boots; Earrings c/o Taylor Kenney

So, after breakfast (with Gertie), we went outside and were walking back to the car and heard a crash! This lady (who was parked in the street) started to pull out of her parking spot and must not have been looking, because there was a car coming and she hit the side of the car!!! Like, really hard. As in, he had to pick up pieces of his car from the street.

What the heck!?!

Well, there was a Volvo parked in front of her and as she pulled out into the street to pull forward to talk to the guy whose car she hit, Gertie was saying “Oh no, don’t hit the Volvo!” and what happens, she hits the Volvo!

Honestly, when it happened I got sick to my stomach. But when I told Bob he bust out laughing. I really do feel so bad for her, but come on, what are the chances?! What’s next, a cop car?

PS: How do you like my glitter boots? I made them myself.