Aaaaaand, We’re Off!

Wanna see what we left?

Bob had to shovel paths for our tires just so we could get out of our garage! Last night, the low was 2. We drove 12 hours and currently I’m sitting in a hotel where it’s almost 50 outside! That’s a drastic improvement as far as I’m concerned.

On the road we listened to The 4-Hour Workweek. It’s inspiring me to get more organized and streamline everything. This would have probably really helped me when I was at my job, but now I just want to hire someone to clean my entire house while I sit around and watch Oprah.

But more than that he suggested that anything that you want to do sometime in your life (or someday…), you have time to do it now! That got me excited. He suggested you start with something to learn, a place to go, um, and 3 other things that I can’t remember. Oh, Bob just reminded me that he’s more about doing what you want to do rather than having things you want to have.

This is probably the worst description of this book ever written. But you should totally read (or listen to) it.

Now, here are some pictures of me on the road and in McAlisters where I decided no make-up was necessary if I wear my glasses. Ha!

Anthropologie Sweater

H&M Scarf

Sweater: Anthropologie
Scarf: H&M