The Six Item Theory

Happy Leap Day! To celebrate, I’ve got another special treat for you today! Kelsey is here! She is soooooo sweet and has quite a unique style. Pop on over to her site and see her cute little preggo self! 

Hello! This is Kelsey from Snappy Casual and Words of Williams. I’ve been reading Rose a la Mode for longer than a year and was lucky enough to meet Linda (and Bob!) in person last March. She is such a sweetie!

Today I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

I have a theory. I call it the six-item theory. Basically, I think my best outfits are the ones that have six items.

I do believe that fashion is an art form and not a scientific formula, so I’m not saying that great outfits can’t have three items. Or four or five or eight.

But whenever I’m in a little funk, I force myself to wear six things. And it usually works!

Here’s what I’m talking about (click to view outfit details):






What do you think? Do you prefer simple outfits or more elaborate ones?