The Best Sandals Ever

A few years ago I found the best sandals ever. (You can see a picture of them here.) They were somewhere around 50 bucks and I thought that was a lot, but then I wore the heck out of them and I’m really sad I didn’t have more than one pair.

Let me tell you why I loved them so.

  1. They were very basic and classic, but had a bit of the Egyptian trend that was really popular.
  2. They were made of rubber so I could wear them in the rain and they wouldn’t get ruined!
  3. I could wear them with almost every outfit in my closet. I actually mean that. Rain, shine, beach, playground, wedding, they always looked good.

So, since those shoes are finally starting to look a little bit dirty, I’m thinking I should get another pair from Melissas. Here are some styles I’m loving (don’t let the colors scare you, they come in basic colors too!):

Melissa Pink Sandal

Melissa Black Sandal

So, have I convinced you yet? Have you had a pair of Melissas yet?