Survey Says: Rose à la Mode

Sorry for the late post. I’ve been working on something for you. And, well, Bob and I had to go get our Costco membership tonight. That place has lots of cool stuff!

Anyway, I love a good survey. And I equally love hearing tips that others have learned along the way. It seems like everyone knows so many things that I don’t! Ha ha! So I’m going to play catch up. I’m filling out this survey and get some friends to fill in their tips too. If you want to participate, let me know!

Hunter Wellies

1. What is your go-to item?

Seems like it’s my denim and chambray shirts. They are so versatile and go with everything. You can wear them casually or dress ‘em up. They’re comfortable, warm, and great with layers.

2. What is your secret weapon? (Moroccan Oil? Great shoe insoles? Spanx? Give it up!)

I’d say my secret weapon is lots and lots of blush. I read a quote that said, “The lower I feel, the higher the heels.” Well, the lower I feel, the more blush I put on. Ha ha! Lip color (weather it be a gloss or lipstick) really adds a lot to your look as well.

3. What is on your (realistic) wish list right now?

A new swimsuit, Hunter boots, a mani/pedi, a pair of Steve Madden Wedge Sandals, and a pair of Sperry top siders.

4. How do you keep things fresh everyday?

I sometimes find it really difficult to keep it fresh, but I am driven by boredom. I don’t like wearing the same outfit more than once or twice. Not sure why, I just don’t. So I have learned to continually create new looks. I can’t afford to buy a new wardrobe every season. Most of my pieces I wear year-round. But by adding little accessories, or rolling up the sleeves, I’ve discovered I can create different looks and keep from getting bored.

5. If you could go shopping with anybody, who would it be and why?

I’d have to say Rachel Zoe. Besides  the fact that she really knows her stuff and could help me look amazing, I think she’d stretch me to go outside of my box and force me to try things I’ve never tried before.

6. Who is your Fashion Icon?

I love Audrey Hepburn. I know it’s totally cliche, but it’s cliche for a reason. She knew what to put on to make herself look great. She was timeless, but always updated. Plus, she changed the way people viewed fashion back then. She was stick thin in the midst of Marilyn Manroe’s and Sophia Loren’s. Pretty impressive. And her look is much easier for me to pull off.

7. What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about fashion?

Most important thing I learned is that you can do whatever you want. I am the type of person who likes rules, but I am slowly learning that it’s good to break the rules. Wear black and brown together. Wear white after Labor Day. You can do whatever you want as long as you are intentional about it and stick to your guns.

8. What do you do to keep yourself fresh & looking great during travel/vacation?

This question I put on here so I could get everybody else’s response. I have a friend who took a picture of herself on a windy beach and she looked so chic while (on the same day and at the same beach) I looked like an absolute bum. She was wearing dangly earrings, and she made an attempt to fix her hair in a way that would look good wind blown. I just threw my greasy hair back into a ponytail with a headband. It wasn’t pretty. Oh, and she makes her old sundresses into swimsuit cover-ups instead of using a pair of shorts or a giant t-shirt. Love that idea!

9. What is the best cheap/drugstore item that is totally underrated?

Cover Girl blush is great. And it doesn’t clog pores! (As I mentioned before, I love blush!)

10. What is the one item you should splurge on?

I should be spending money on skincare. I used to have skincare mixed specifically for my face (I need to get back to that!) and it was amazing. My skin was much more smooth and clear. I think when we’re young, we don’t realize how important this is, but I don’t want to look like I’m 70 when I’m 40. I’ve got to get on the ball with this one.