Survey Says: Good Life for Less

I’m really excited for you to read these answers from the amazing Jill from Good Life for Less. She’ been a HUGE inspiration to me and I’m pretty sure once we do meet, we’ll be BFFs! She also just wrote an e-book about what every woman needs to have. I’m obsessed! So go buy her book, check out her site, and say hello! But not until after you read this:

1. What is your go-to item?

The boring and predictable answer to this (if you know me) is jeans. They are first and foremost in my wardrobe as a busy mom. But lately I have been more dependent on my shoe collection; and more determined in building it. I find that having four to six (or more !!!) pairs of REALLY great shoes can take my wardrobe further and make it more interesting. What do I mean by “REALLY great” – I mean shoes that fit great and make me feel great, that offer enough variety that simple outfits can be easily transformed by them and that express my personality best. I deem 2011 the year of the shoe, for me at least.

2. What is your secret weapon? (Moroccan Oil? Great shoe insoles? Spanx? Give it up!)

I don’t know if I have ONE magic bullet. But I will say this, for a long time I wouldn’t even think about wearing drugstore make-up. (gasp!) But I ran out of patience searching out the best of the best and my wallet ran out of patience forking over the funds for the good stuff – that is when I discovered Boots No. 7 at Target. Their make up is simple to use (big for me) and always looks amazing. So there you have it, I found the perfect drugstore make-up and I am eating my own words.

3. What is on your (realistic) wish list right now?

This is a great question… I have a to-do list that is frightening right now (for me at least). So the other day at the side of my to-do list I listed three rewards for completing certain items. They are a pair of shoes from Target I have been eyeing, a new nail polish or two in honor of the New Year and a few new pieces of make-up (also in honor of the New Year). So, that’s my short list!

4. How do you keep things fresh everyday?

Accessories!!! Scarves, bracelets, earrings, belts, etc. My wardrobe would be nothing without some fun accessories.

5. If you could go shopping with anybody, who would it be and why?

Can I name two people? The first is kind of funny, but I just picture shopping with Oprah to be really productive. I have a feeling she wouldn’t mince words when you ask her how you look. And really, every gal needs some honest to goodness truth in the fitting room. No? Next I would say Gwenyth Paltrow. She always looks so effortless and gorgeous. I want her secrets.

6. Who is your Fashion Icon?

I don’t know if I have one… I always like bits and pieces of people’s style, but I don’t know if I directly relate to one. These days I seem to find most of my inspiration from bloggers, which I think speaks volumes about where fashion or style blogging is going. There about a handful of gals that I pull inspiration from on a random basis – my style has definitely evolved from reading fashion blogs.

7. What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about fashion?

Always, always just be you. Experiment with who you are, but don’t try to be someone else. I get some flack on my blog at times for wearing (pretty much) only jeans… but that’s who I am. I won’t apologize or change for my readers. There are plenty of gals out there that don’t wear only jeans, check them out.

8. What do you do to keep yourself fresh & looking great during travel/vacation?

I will say first, lots of water. I tend to get off kilter while traveling and if I don’t get enough water it’s liable to ruin a perfectly fine day. Next up I don’t skimp on the toiletries like trading travel sized items for the items I usually use. I don’t take the chance. Lastly, I always pack my favorite clothes – why not? Bring out the big guns, it’s vacay!

9. What is the best cheap/drugstore item that is totally underrated?

I touched on this in #2… but I also love Garnier hair products (they are SO cheap!) and Dove soap (total must have!).

10. What is the one item you should splurge on?

Shoes… I don’t mind the cheap ones, but I think it’s good to have a few really high quality pairs on hand as well. Nordstrom Rack is perfect for snagging a great deal on shoes. I have a pair of Donald Pliners and MICHAEL Michael Kors shoes that were both originally like $300 each that I probably only spent $50 each on. There is nothing like expensive shoes.